EasternJapan Environmental Support Working Group

The Sunflower Project

  Is there anything that we can do to help those in Eastern Japan hit by the horrific earthquake 4 years ago?  Many thoughts and helping hands are spreading throughout the world for the post-disaster reconstruction.  As our part, we have launched a project to donate sunflower seedlings to Eastern Japan since 2011 spring.  We have chosen sunflowers, flowers that soar up to the grand blue sky and cover a vast terrain, as “flowers of recovery.”  We will donate sunflowers so that they can be planted at temporary housings and schools.  By growing those sunflowers, we wish that those in Eastern Japan would also heal their wounded hearts and bring back their “bright smiles.”

  Please enjoy planting the sunflower seeds at your homes.  If you wish to donate the seedlings you have grown to Eastern Japan, we plan to collect them through the following procedures:


Schedule and Location for Collecting Sunflower Seedlings

★Distribution of Seeds : May 16th, 2015~

Sunflower seedlings would grow up to about 10 centimeters after 2-3 weeks.  We kindly ask you to bring those seedlings to the following location and time as indicated below. 

*Date: June 10 th, 5:00 - 6:00PM
*Location: Front Entrance of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo (See map below)
*Contact: Eastern Japan Environmental Support Working Group – The Sunflower Project Todai Branch – (Representative: Kyoko IKEDA)
E-mail: k-ikeda@ioc.u-tokyo.ac.jp   Tel: 03-5841-5885
 ※ Your seedlings will be planted at Mitazono temporary housing area in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture on June 13th For those who wish to donate your seedlings: PLEASE START PLANTING THE SUNFLOWER SEEDS NO LATER THAN June 1st.


With sufficient amount of sunshine and water, there should be no problem in growing the seedlings.  Please put soil into the plastic planter (or milk carton) up to about 4/5 and place three sunflower seeds.  Then please cover those seeds with soil again (about 1 centimeter).  The sunflower seeds should sprout in about three days and then please thin it out when 2 – 4 leaves appear after the cotyledon.  When the soil gets dry, please do not forget to provide it plenty of water. 


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